At the Core of Pilates Encore

In the midst of moving and reorganizing storage boxes during our remodel, I came across this picture, a postcard of a Pilates studio in LA that I had framed almost 10 years ago. I picked it up at my first Pilates trade show when I first started teaching. I casually thought if I one day could have my own studio, it would look like the one in this picture and I would call it “Ola Kino Pilates.” Ola Kino is Hawaiian for “health and well being.”

I kept this picture at my desk and through the years it moved into a drawer to make room for an office computer, files, and a reception area for my very own clients to sign in. Then the picture shifted into a box to make more room for studio business cards, budget plans, and bills. Since I framed that picture almost a decade ago, I went from working at various studios around the county to growing and building a Pilates business that I call, “Pilates Encore.” My studio outgrew the vision I had in that picture frame. Not only did I choose the name “Pilates Encore” for the phonetic play on “on core,” but also because I wanted to offer additional services that clients would want more of. Encore is defined as “a piece additional to that of a program or presentation as called for by the audience.”

This is my studio today!!

So with this philosophy, I made a commitment to begin to consciously explore different ways to enhance our overall well being. And not just in fitness, but in all areas women (and men too!) care about: health, love, relationships and dealing with life in general. At our studio, we are always sharing clever tips, home remedies and new insights. I love finding out about stuff, how it all connects, and the glorious discovery that comes from looking inward and realizing that it all makes sense.

Best of all, I love sharing what I learn. Please join me. My hope is that we can inspire each other to get to a better place mind, body and spirit. Ola Kino!

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