Guest Blog: My Pilates Empowerment

I am a real person. I’m not an athlete, a fitness junkie, a health nut, or an endorphin addict. I like to read, play video games, watch tv, and I LOVE food. I wanted to tell you that because this adventure I’m about to embark on is going to be real, raw, and honest. I am the newest guest blogger for Pilates Encore.

I’m a graduate of Chapman University class of 2013, an ex-Hollywood assistant, and just completed my last day of substitute teaching for the summer (and hopefully ever). Oh, and I’m getting married in a year.

I’ve struggled with my weight for most of my life, being overly thin (due to a parasite) in high school, and have been steadily gaining weight ever since I started college. I’ve always tried to have a healthy relationship with my body but I reached what I call my breaking point just a few weeks ago. I realized that I don’t want to show up on my wedding day, in my dress, and have people think that I look “good for my weight.” This realization put a huge weight on my shoulders (no pun intended) but also gave me a sense of relief. I’m not just going to literally sit around and hope to lose weight, I’m going to face it head on with my favorite fitness guru, Liza at Pilates Encore.

I was an intern at Pilates Encore during college but when I moved to Los Angeles for three years to pursue a career in the industry, I totally fell off the Pilates wagon. Now that I’m back in Orange County and am ready to make such a big lifestyle change, the first person I turned to was Liza.

So we begin my fitness journey with Pilates Encore with Liza. I’m going to outline my short term and long term body goals and my body measurements (AH) to track my progress and show the power of pilates. I’ve never done anything like this before (the blogging about my weight or the pilates journey) and I am starting from almost nothing. No exercise, pretty much no stamina, no sustained diet (I eat okay, I wouldn’t say i’m really healthy or unhealthy, probably about in the middle).

My goals are going to be based around the above quote from Joseph Pilates, so I’m going to structure my short term and long term goals around this timeline of classes. I will be taking two classes each week (with my first starting today) so my goals will go from there.

10 Sessions Goal (5 weeks):
Lose 10 pounds
Lose 1 dress size

20 Sessions Goal (10 weeks):
Lose 20 pounds
Lose 2 dress sizes

30 Sessions Goal (15 weeks):
Lose 30 pounds
Lose 3 dress sizes

My Long Term (Wedding) Goals:
Lose 74 pounds before May 2018
Go down 3 dress sizes
Improve stamina and energy levels

Class 1: June 14, 2017
Here’s what I look like after my first pilates class at Pilates Encore (with my buddy Shadow the pug lending his begrudging support).

I promise I’m not always that sweaty and gross looking!

Here are my current measurements:
Weight: 229 lbs
Hips: 49 in
Waist: 39 in
Bust: 43 in

My first class in 3 years was NOT easy. But, I did leave feeling empowered, like I could do this, and excited about getting stronger (and looking good in that future dress). I left feeling incredibly motivated (albeit sweaty) and I’m ready for my next class.

I’m definitely going to be sore tomorrow!

Until next time 🙂