Pilates Class 5: All About Those Abs/We’re Halfway There

Caitlyn’s 5th installment on her Pilates journey.

The stomach, belly, tummy, flab, gut, area – where future abs will be – is usually a big target area for most people, including myself. I find myself always pulling at my shirts to make sure they aren’t sticking to my stomach and giving away my little (or big secret) so going after that gut is a big one for me.

There are about a million ways to work those abs in Pilates, one of which is shown in the lovely time-lapse video posted below. In this particular exercise, you engage your core while straightening your legs and pulling your arms down to your sides, hold for a second, then go back into tabletop. And of course, repeat. This exercise really works your whole body (and is much harder than it looks) and especially gets deep into your core. As per usual, I’m going to be sore tomorrow!

With class 5 down, we’re halfway through the first of 3 segments to this journey, which is super exciting! I’ve got to say, I already notice a difference in my body day to day and in classes– my arms are more toned, I don’t get tired as easily, the exercises are easier, and I have more muscle control. I’m also feeling more confident in my clothes and have upped my variety instead of just wearing the same loose baggy shirts and leggings every day. I’ve got to say, this much progress is making me really excited for the future and positive that this plan is working and making me feel great. Only 5 classes down and I’m already seeing an improvement. Just look at these wicked sweet stats:

Weight: 223 lbs (that’s 6 pounds down!)
Hips: 48 in (1 inch less)
Waist: 39 in (1 inch less)

Crushing it.