Pilates for Brides

As the summer season winds down, so does another; wedding season. But before the “I Do’s” are said, the finishing touches must be made to ensure for the perfect day. I frequently get calls from brides looking to lose those last five pounds or achieve those shapely shoulders that will perfectly accentuate any gown.

What most of my bridal clients don’t anticipate is the improvement in their overall lifestyle. To say that planning a wedding is stressful is quite an understatement. Bridal Pilates provides stress relief during a period when cake flavors and seating charts take on the importance of breathing and sleeping.

In addition to your increased strength and leaner muscles, you will also acquire a penchant for time management. Embrace your inner Superwoman, because full-time jobs and hectic schedules will be no match for you! You’ll find that as your motivation soars, so will your results!

Did I mention that Bridal Pilates will also guarantee an unforgettably sexy wedding night? Show your groom the moves it takes for a body like yours. Get ready for a killer confidence that will tame your inner Bridezilla and have you looking like the gorgeous knockout you are.