“Both Sides Up” for Planking

Caitlyn’s second installment on her Pilates journey. See her first installment here.

My second class was this afternoon and OMG! was I sore going into it! We focused a lot on core and cardio today and I’ve gotten close to mastering the Bosu ball (Bosu stands for “both sides up” meaning you can use both sides of the ball). For those of you who have never seen one (which I hadn’t until pilates), a Bosu ball is like half of an exercise ball mounted on a plastic base. I used it for balance and even did a plank on it! Which I didn’t even think was possible, but here’s photo proof. I definitely looked like a fool trying to stay balanced but I fell off way less than I did in my first class, so I consider that a success.

I left class today exhausted but super excited that I was already feeling like I was getting the hang of the exercises.

Signing off for now,